if not working, click on the game frame

GET OUT of this Dungeon

The door is locked. You'll have to explore a dangerous dungeon full of traps and monster and find 6 lost gems to open the door and GET OUT!

Move : Arrow keys
O (Jump) : Z / C / N
X (Punch) : X / V / M
Dash : Right or Left + X

I recently discovered PICO-8 and felt in love with the concept. Shortly after I made a mockup of a potential game and found an amazingly active community who motivated me to make an actual game. Here is it, hope you'll enjoy it as I do.

Design + Code : @LupusInsanus
Music + SFX : @bogdanraczynski / Profil3


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GET_OUT 1.1 linux.zip 510 kB
GET_OUT 1.1 mac.zip 1 MB
GET_OUT 1.1 win.zip 888 kB
GETOUT-XMAS.zip 365 kB

Development log


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Bruh this doesn't work it never loads for some reason


Great game!

Why can I not get past the title screen? None of the leys on my keyboard work

Try to click on the game frame. If it doesn't work download the executable


Did you re-release this game here:  https://loneknightgames.itch.io/loneviking


no lol. Another copycat in the wild. Thanks for noticing me :|


You are more than welcome for the heads up and you deserve it for the great work you do :)

HOW DO I START (idk the keybinds)

Check the controls and press the two buttons (x + c). If it doesn't work clic on the game frame and try again. 

Thx for telling  :D


Excellent game! It took me a while to realise that I needed to use the dash to clear some of the tougher jumps, but aside from that it was a great experience all the way through.


TheRE iS A dEAtH CoUnt What Is thiS dARk SouLs

Some people complained it wasn't possible in less than 100 lives so I turned it into a joke

I actually like the 100 lives it gives a good amount of tension like in the begins when I had a lot of live I wasn't to worried about dying but near the end I was taking baby step like no othe


from what i have played it is very fun tho the jump is kinda weard tbh because i am used to floater platforming good job


Me: "HA! 99 lives! That's WAY too easy!"


Either you suck at games, or I suck as a developer

(1 edit) (+1)

I suck at games that involve anything remotely similar to Super Meat Boy platforming. The game is great, though. Had a blast playing through it! (Once I restarted, of course!)

You're too honest. Thanks for enjoying my humble game. Cheers

help pleaseee i cant go any longer after the skull what says ''there must be a way to jump higher'' plese helpppp

Look around the dungeon. Try the other way, follow the ladders. You'll be able to jump higher later 



that's so beautiful!


You're beautiful

how get key on left above lava? im so confused. also how jump higher?

The gameplay is inspired by Zelda and other dungeons games where you have to get power-ups and items to access certain area. I suggest you to keep looking around the dungeon. Try to reach the leader above the room. Good luck


It's an amazing game, and I love the artstyle!

Thanks jet!

How do you jump higher? nothing seems to be working for me.

That's an hint for later. Try to go on the left and explore the reste of the dungeon



i like it, but it's waaaay too hard

It's a pretty good platformer

Although double jump bugs out sometimes

Other than that, it was very nice

What are the buttons to start the game? Those button symbols don't really look like anything to me... I tried x and o but those didn't work (yes I clicked the frame)


press z i think


those are for controllers, check the description for keyboard controls


A fantastic little game, thanks very much!


This is the best Pico8 platform game I have played so far. well done and I really appreciate the level design. The jumping...not so much :)

Thanks! I admit jumps can be a bit rigid and tricky. Not my best work :p


Great game!

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one hour and 3 minutes lol. my best time in 100%:
Fastest Time on Any%:
Heh 420 lol.


Enjoyed it 9/10

It is a good metroidvania

However, I don't like how icy floor could be sticky instead of being slippery and how coins and keys can't be picked up if you move very quick while taking it

But nonetheless, I like the challenges and the exploration aspect of this game


Awesome game, I love the artwork and the music. All of the metroidvania aspects were spot on, and the combat felt pretty good. My only complaint is that it is a little bit difficult to tell that the ice spikes would kill you, but that is a tiny detail in a great game.


First of all, great game. Excellent graphics, sounds, music, game concept! All very polished. I've seen a couple other people mention it but I think the "jump higher" note is misleading to read before you figure out how to dash jump. The problem is that it's not easily apparent how to dash-jump or that it's even possible before you read the note saying there must be a way to jump higher. This makes the player look for a way to jump higher instead of looking for another place to jump. Perhaps the first few rooms should be more linear with less Metroidvania "gates" so the player can learn the all of the tools he has at his disposal before being introduced to the gates like the too-high ledge... Either way, nice job! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

I just played Deepest Dungeon and didn`t realise it was a clone of this I had fun but I wish I played this instead, they look very similar...

Une bonne ambiance super jeux !! le seul défaut et le jump un poil en retard.j'irais voir vos autres jeux ;) 


Great fun game! We used it as a challenge for the LP University and all had a blast playing it!! :D

I am kind of stuck at the point when you follow the story relevant lava path and you have to do the double jump over that really long gap.

lost like 30 lives to it yet still havent managed to do it :'-(

only 1 diamond thingie left too :-/

You can use the punch as a dash mid-air combined with double jump to get across

thanks for the answer, even though it is a year later :-)

okay, just beat it with 28 deaths :-)


I love games like this! As PoofyGaming said below, Metroidvania games are some of the best games around and this game is incredible! I like that there is a scoring system, collecting spiders, counting deaths (Makes for great challenges with friends)!  The game is challenging enough where you can figure out what your doing quickly but not get overly angry at dying, and normally the deaths are enjoyable enough where I laugh at them because they are totally my fault!

How do you jump higher?


There must be a way! Keep looking in the dungeon, is some places aren't accessibles at first you might need a special item 


Lovely lil platformer with some great room layouts and clever connectivity. Good music by an old favorite of mine as well!


Wow that was close! I had about 25 deaths until one screen i bumped up to over 50! It was the screen before getting the pearl :O


You really took a lot of liberties adapting Jordan Peele's film into a video game, but it turned out great!


I loved everything about this game except for the jumping situation. Thought it was a little delayed. Apart from that, the game was awesome.


Wjat a neat little pico-8 Dungeon adventure. I had a play and really enjoyed the time with the game but I didn't complete it though.

well done DEVS



Great, short game. It's mostly linear, but manages not to feel that way. The music kind of reminds me of Twinrova's theme from Ocarina of Time.


Awesome game 


Really nice game !

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