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GET OUT of this Dungeon

The door is locked. You'll have to explore a dangerous dungeon full of traps and monster and find 6 lost gems to open the door and GET OUT!

Move : Arrow keys
O (Jump) : Z / C / N
X (Punch) : X / V / M
Dash : Right or Left + X

I recently discovered PICO-8 and felt in love with the concept. Shortly after I made a mockup of a potential game and found an amazingly active community who motivated me to make an actual game. Here is it, hope you'll enjoy it as I do.

Design + Code : @LupusInsanus
Music + SFX : @bogdanraczynski / Profil3


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GET_OUT 1.1 linux.zip 510 kB
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GET_OUT 1.1 win.zip 888 kB
GETOUT-XMAS.zip 365 kB

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i like it, but it's waaaay too hard

It's a pretty good platformer

Although double jump bugs out sometimes

Other than that, it was very nice

What are the buttons to start the game? Those button symbols don't really look like anything to me... I tried x and o but those didn't work (yes I clicked the frame)


press z i think


those are for controllers, check the description for keyboard controls


A fantastic little game, thanks very much!


This is the best Pico8 platform game I have played so far. well done and I really appreciate the level design. The jumping...not so much :)

Thanks! I admit jumps can be a bit rigid and tricky. Not my best work :p


Great game!

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one hour and 3 minutes lol. my best time in 100%:
Fastest Time on Any%:
Heh 420 lol.


Enjoyed it 9/10

It is a good metroidvania

However, I don't like how icy floor could be sticky instead of being slippery and how coins and keys can't be picked up if you move very quick while taking it

But nonetheless, I like the challenges and the exploration aspect of this game


Awesome game, I love the artwork and the music. All of the metroidvania aspects were spot on, and the combat felt pretty good. My only complaint is that it is a little bit difficult to tell that the ice spikes would kill you, but that is a tiny detail in a great game.


First of all, great game. Excellent graphics, sounds, music, game concept! All very polished. I've seen a couple other people mention it but I think the "jump higher" note is misleading to read before you figure out how to dash jump. The problem is that it's not easily apparent how to dash-jump or that it's even possible before you read the note saying there must be a way to jump higher. This makes the player look for a way to jump higher instead of looking for another place to jump. Perhaps the first few rooms should be more linear with less Metroidvania "gates" so the player can learn the all of the tools he has at his disposal before being introduced to the gates like the too-high ledge... Either way, nice job! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

I just played Deepest Dungeon and didn`t realise it was a clone of this I had fun but I wish I played this instead, they look very similar...

Une bonne ambiance super jeux !! le seul défaut et le jump un poil en retard.j'irais voir vos autres jeux ;) 


Great fun game! We used it as a challenge for the LP University and all had a blast playing it!! :D

I am kind of stuck at the point when you follow the story relevant lava path and you have to do the double jump over that really long gap.

lost like 30 lives to it yet still havent managed to do it :'-(

only 1 diamond thingie left too :-/

You can use the punch as a dash mid-air combined with double jump to get across

thanks for the answer, even though it is a year later :-)

okay, just beat it with 28 deaths :-)


I love games like this! As PoofyGaming said below, Metroidvania games are some of the best games around and this game is incredible! I like that there is a scoring system, collecting spiders, counting deaths (Makes for great challenges with friends)!  The game is challenging enough where you can figure out what your doing quickly but not get overly angry at dying, and normally the deaths are enjoyable enough where I laugh at them because they are totally my fault!

How do you jump higher?


There must be a way! Keep looking in the dungeon, is some places aren't accessibles at first you might need a special item 


Lovely lil platformer with some great room layouts and clever connectivity. Good music by an old favorite of mine as well!


Wow that was close! I had about 25 deaths until one screen i bumped up to over 50! It was the screen before getting the pearl :O


You really took a lot of liberties adapting Jordan Peele's film into a video game, but it turned out great!


I loved everything about this game except for the jumping situation. Thought it was a little delayed. Apart from that, the game was awesome.


Wjat a neat little pico-8 Dungeon adventure. I had a play and really enjoyed the time with the game but I didn't complete it though.

well done DEVS



Great, short game. It's mostly linear, but manages not to feel that way. The music kind of reminds me of Twinrova's theme from Ocarina of Time.


Awesome game 


Really nice game !


Great little game that's slightly let down by the frustration of unresponsive/unforgiving jumping mechanics (there seems to be a short delay between pressing jump and you actually jumping which can result in you unintentionally walking off an edge). 


finished in 45 minutes of pure enjoyment. thank you very much for this excellent game!


I have a very huge love for games made with pico8, I also have a huge nostalgia feeling for Metroidvania games. Now this game, puts all good parts together. I can't even think of anything bad.

From the start, it feels and looks like a really well-made little platformer. Good work with the pixel graphics and the sound. I'm not too sure about the "jump higher" riddle right at the start, though. I haven't found anything that would help me jump higher, I don't even think Pico-8 has more than the arrows and two action keys.

I'd like to invite this fine game to our game-making contest!

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** spoler alert! ** (I found a  pickup that helps with your"jump higher")

Well, that changes everything then! So you're supposed to go left first and then return later. Not very intuitive, but it's interesting.


Awesome game!

what fonts did you use im interested

Which one? The font for the in game texts, or the logo?


Thanks, good fun. The slippery floors can go to hell though.

Really good! A very solid Pico platformer. Enjoyed my playthrough quite a bit.

My one gripe is that a few jumps feel just ever-so-slightly on the technical side. Double-jumping straight up to a high ledge always took several attempts, in particular. Not sure if any of the blame lands on my computer's performance, but it felt to me like if these could be made just a touch gentler, that would make the game flow better.

Ended up finishing in just over 22 minutes with 55 deaths. Could have been lower, but I didn't realize there was a limit on deaths (something that should be explained or removed!) or a penalty at the end so I didn't play it as safe as I could. 


Loved it! Short and sweet, but very hard lil' game. Great job!

It was good! Only problem is (im not sure if its a bug) but I was about 3/4 way through and when I died it was game over. I had died many times before it but that was the straw that broke the camels back I guess. Very nice game and artstyle.

You're not the only one having this issue. Yon only have 100 lives, you can't die as much as you can. I made a small update with a remaining lives counter


Wonderful atmosphere!  I love the lightning effect.  The music pops and keeps it fun.  Great work!

Thanks, the music is the great work of Bogdan Raczynski!


Beautiful game, that was a pleasure to play ! Again a good realization with PICO-8, it's time to try it :) the difficulty was fine, so no nervousness. I have past a good moment to explore him without to dying a lot.

Félicitation !

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Really loved this game - had to play it 'till I GOT OUT!
The level design is just perfect. Allows you to progress through well-placed powerups and keys. Revisiting old dungeons in a new light.
Congrats again on the release! :D
One of the best platformers out now for the PICO-8.


I enjoyed playing this game, though as SkyCharger said, it would have helped (to a minor degree, but still would) to have had a countdown as well, since I too thought you could die endlessly, until it was Game Over at my 89th or 90th death :p

This was a very nice game to play, especially for a Metroid-like made with minimal graphics and with the help of the PICO-8 engine, no less :)


Would have been farer if the game counted down to one's last live instead of counting up the deaths and creating the illusion that there is no last live to worry about.


Not a bad idead. Tbh I didn't thought people would died this many times. See it a consequence of dying too many times. Plus at the end you have score penalties for each of your deaths so there's consequences

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I kept letting myself die just as a shortcut back to the checkpoint, since most games like this (that I've played) don't have limited lives. I didn't even notice it was keeping track until the number was 81 or so, but even then I didn't worry about it until the game over screen. I was enjoying experimenting to see where I could go.

You're a sicko haha! You played too much super meat boy and cie ;)

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