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Looking for a sick font for your fantasy game? Let me introduce you Witchcraft & Black Magic. A Black Letter pixel font with a medieval vibe.

With 224 glyphs, Witchcraft & Black Magic is available as OTF format for direct use in production. Full latin support, with lot of special characters.

Characters have variable width. The height of most uppercases is 21px and lowercases 15px.

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To use Witchcraft & Black Magic you need a commercial license. Once purchased, you can use the font in personal and commercial works. Credit isn't mandatory but really appreciated

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TagsDark Fantasy, Fantasy, Fonts, Gothic, Horror, Magic, Medieval, Pixel Art


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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The font itself is lovely, but I am not sure about the quality of the supplied TTF file. The only size at which it is pixel perfect is at 50px, at which point the largest glyphs are already ~75 pixels high. That means you can't use the font at it's native size, which according to the description would be like 20 or 16px.

When you do use the font at 50px you can also see that the spacing of the letters isn't as advertised.

Hello there. That's an issue that can sometimes happen with pixel fonts and that can be fixed with proper settings. Font aren't made with actual pixel, but with vector, interpreted as pixel with the right scale. 

For exemple, in photoshop the 1:1 scale correspond to 17pt, without anti-aliasing or the font will look blurry. Check if the kerning is set to Metric and the tracking to 0 or the spacings won't looks right.

If you want to use the font at different scales always pick a multiple of the base size. At X2 it should technically be 33 but depending of the software it might look better at 32 or 34. In my case it looks perfectly fine at 17, 33 and 50 pt in photoshop with the previous settings.

Using pixel fonts in a game engine can be tricky. Some game dev prefer to use sprites as they're already perfectly sized. My trick with GameMakerStudio is to set the font at the double of it size and render it at the half.

I hope it will help you acquire a better result with the font.

Would it be possible to get a sprite-sheet version of the font? Then I could create a TTF that works for my use case.

The font package have been updated with a TTF file. Making a sprite-sheet is specific to the projet you'll work on and the characters you'll need. Theres is lot of tools available online. That's all I can do.